Content- Your Making It Weather You Like It Or Not.

Content Being a content producer is akin to getting up on your own stage. It doesn’t mean anyone will stop and look and listen but it is the only possible way someone would ever see you. (the stage is a metaphor for putting stuff out on the Internet or the world- another good metaphor is […]

What Content Are You Making?

What are you doing? This means; What content are you making? What value are you creating in the world? If you are a ______ are you ___? (example: If your a writer are you writing?) Everyone is doing stuff: sleeping, eating, laundry, dressing themselves, going to the bathroom, consuming entertainment, driving, showing up, hanging out… […]

Content And Internet Marketing – Selling Information In a Sea Of Noise

“If you want to make millions you have to inspire millions.” -MJ DeMarco Business follows a simple formula; Find a problem, create a solution to that problem and sell it. Marketing on the other hand is explaining the problem and explaining your solution to a target of just those that have the problem and thus […]

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