You Are Your Own Media Company

The Media-

You are your own media company.
At your disposal you have your own radio station, television station, and online magazine. In this new landscape where everyone is a producer the need to produce is something more than a resume and a LinkedIn page is important.

Once you recognize that every business needs a web presents there is the next step into content. Each businesses web presents needs to be fresh with relevant content that matters today not yesterday. Even better is a face, an actual person to talk to when relating to the company.

Email is great but the transparency of Twitter and Facebook and other social media conversations are companies you learn to trust and respect. Those conversations are out there in real time and for everyone’s eyes. A company that does this shows it is engaged to their customers on a public level. These are the companies people like in this world where we demand content producers, engagement and appreciation of customers.

Now back to you the individual. You work hard and are good at what you do. Your constantly helping customers, solving problems that arise, and making a difference to those that surround you. You are an important cog in the wheel of the company but beyond doing your job well you have nothing to show for it. If the company folds or you are down sized all you have to show for all you do is a few more resume bullets. This is because your far too busy to be worried or consumed by the Internet, social media, websites, and blogs. I get it, I too have looked upon producing content as an unimportant extra curricular activity that would be nice if I had the time.

Every individual is its own brand, it’s own company (YouRUs), and it’s own media producer, and PR agency.

We can not just sit back and consume our media. Each individual is far too important to do that.

Resume bullets are not good enough!

Think about it, say you want to go on vacation to a mountain lake and you look into renting a cabin for the week. You come upon the listings of cabin rentals and one catches your eye. It says “Cabin rental, on the water, private dock, $700 a week.” Wow, you think. Then you open the post to get just a list of bullet points. No pictures. No video. No testimonials, just;
•Two Bedrooms
•Two Bathrooms
•Outdoor shower
•Gourmet kitchen
•Close to shopping
•Large living room (grand room)
•for more info email

It looks great but the next post has a video tour, pictures, testimonials from past renters and is $800 for the week. It also has multiple contact points.

So your sold on cabin two because you have a better idea of what your getting, even though it cost a bit more.

That is the difference between real content and bullet points. In today’s ease of production world not producing is being perceived as lazy and not caring. If you care you need to show it and produce some content.

Your resume means less and less. Your bullet points on your resume it this producer centric world are becoming more and more irrelavent. Things you have done, a degree or a job are just bullet points. People expect more than the bullet points, they want examples, testimonials, pictures, real content.

It all boils down to we live in a world that values what you can show me and I’ll evaluate that not your bullet points.

Show me you can write.
Show me you can design.
Show the way you think
Show me your mad skills don’t tell me about them, if you can’t show me in a world where you own your own media company then sorry but I’ll go with those that will.

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