Project 52, Post Two, Earthquake

Project 52 Post Two Earthquakes

Project 52, Post Two, Earthquake

Living in California I am reminded every once and a while about the natural dangers of living in this wonderful place. Having had three earthquakes in a three day period, last week, one each day of 3.0 or greater I thought I’d do some shot about it in my Project 52.

This is a location I saw on a run and I thought it would make a great shot. The idea was to shoot it here, put a bottle of water and an umbrella in the shot and create some image that could say something about taking care of each other after a natural disaster.

What I think happened is it says more about homelessness and the under belly of a city. Here is a world of those invisible people who ask for pocket change and live with a constant need just to survive. I was blessed in that one guy stood still under the bridge for a few minutes so I could capture that needed extra figure.

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