A Start of a New Slate

Hump Day, Camel, Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s a HUMP DAY! Camel Photo by Jon Connell

I write this to put down some thoughts about 2014 and New Years in general. No big revelations or anything. Just a few random thoughts I’ve had and have on the slate that is the change of a calendar year.

But before I get into that. Did you know that this year starts On a Wednesday? You know what that means?

Don’t you? Common what day is it? What day?

Hump Day!!!

Here is a link to some of the other years past a future that start on a Wednesday and are part of a repeating calendar. Ok got that out of my system.

New Years Resolutions, Goals, And Hopes

If your like me you’ve gone into years full of hope and optimism and gone into the new years without making any big deal over it. I’ve made big resolutions to loose weight, de-clutter and lighten my possessions, to be more friendly and outgoing, to make more friends and to meet a special person, to pay off debt. I’ve made lots of resolutions throughout my years. I love hope and optimism.

The thing is, that’s great to want to make something happen, to rise to new challenges, to stop waiting to start and get down to making your life the life you know it could be.

Who’s going to argue with that?


People with hope and optimism are attractive. They are the ones who are making the head waves, setting out on adventures full of risk, they are the ones that every good story revolves around. They are climbing mountains and slaying dragons. They dare to dream and follow that dream to make the world a better place.

Nothing wrong with that! BUT… No as I was writing it seemed that a big BUT was going to creep in, and tell whoever is reading this to not go there, to abandon hope and optimism, to abandon visions and dreams and be REAL. Well FORGET that! Instead make it so.

No, if a new slate and a new year helps you go for it then go for it!

Get a team around your visions.

Yes, find a mastermind group to help you keep the vision alive and real. Don’t let your visions fall to the weigh side of broken dreams. Get a mentor to keep you going forward up the mountain. Keep making progress. Pursue it, attack it. Just Do It!

One thing I have found. It’s hard to reach those dreams alone. Enlist a team.

So.. Happy hump day! Happy New Year! Make it happen!

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