Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole

Ok I’ve taken a stroll deep inside the rabbit hole. Yes I’ve met the rabbit too! But before I start into what I’ve discovered inside I want to back up to where I was just hours ago. Last week I finally shot a wall by my house that I walk by every day for texture […]

Staying young at heart by Tom Kelley of IDEO.

Staying young at heart by Tom Kelley of IDEO. Notes on a talk on the Stanford thought leader series of entrepreneurs. Reenforce your creative young at heart spirit. Gordon Mckenzie – orbititing the giant hairball. Gordon visited schools asking each group kindergarten to sixth grade who was an artist.As the day went on he noticed […]

Connecting The Dots by Amanda Palmer

Connecting The Dots Amanda Palmer from her talk and blog found here If your an artist I urge you to spend 30 minutes watching Amanda Palmer’s Publish It Forward talk “Connecting The Dots” right now.  It’s an inspiring talk on what it means to be a writer in the digital age but it applies to more than just writing. […]

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