Perception Is Reality

Perception is reality. If you love a photograph is the fact they used HDR or heavy photoshop in creating it make it less or more artistic and of value or is it being deceitful to the viewer? If you listen to a song and love it. Are you less impressed if you are told that […]

Content Marketing- Noisy Content vs Transparent Content

In content marketing there is a saying, “If it smells funny don’t eat it!” With any content. If people are talking but not telling you anything but “BUY”, it smells funny. If they aren’t sharing their best stuff but holding it back, don’t buy. What ever they are selling is not deep enough to do […]

Attention Please!

Attention Please! There is an old commodity that is becoming scarce. I’m talking about attention, it is the act of taking notice of being with, of reading what you write, listening to what you say, seeing what you do, looking at what you produce. Wikipedia discribes it as: “Attention is the cognitive process of selectively […]

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