Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole

Ok I’ve taken a stroll deep inside the rabbit hole. Yes I’ve met the rabbit too! But before I start into what I’ve discovered inside I want to back up to where I was just hours ago. Last week I finally shot a wall by my house that I walk by every day for texture […]

A Start of a New Slate

I write this to put down some thoughts about 2014 and New Years in general. No big revelations or anything. Just a few random thoughts I’ve had and have on the slate that is the change of a calendar year. But before I get into that. Did you know that this year starts On a […]

Perception Is Reality

Perception is reality. If you love a photograph is the fact they used HDR or heavy photoshop in creating it make it less or more artistic and of value or is it being deceitful to the viewer? If you listen to a song and love it. Are you less impressed if you are told that […]

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