Rinse And Repeat

In every profession there are tasks, some crucial, that you just need to do at a high standard. Once you master this task or set of tasks you do it over and over again. Its the hair dresser who washes hair, the speaker presenting the same idea to a new group of people, the portrait […]

Staying young at heart by Tom Kelley of IDEO.

Staying young at heart by Tom Kelley of IDEO. Notes on a talk on the Stanford thought leader series of entrepreneurs. Reenforce your creative young at heart spirit. Gordon Mckenzie – orbititing the giant hairball. Gordon visited schools asking each group kindergarten to sixth grade who was an artist.As the day went on he noticed […]

What Content Are You Making?

What are you doing? This means; What content are you making? What value are you creating in the world? If you are a ______ are you ___? (example: If your a writer are you writing?) Everyone is doing stuff: sleeping, eating, laundry, dressing themselves, going to the bathroom, consuming entertainment, driving, showing up, hanging out… […]

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