Content Marketing- Noisy Content vs Transparent Content

In content marketing there is a saying, “If it smells funny don’t eat it!”

With any content. If people are talking but not telling you anything but “BUY”, it smells funny. If they aren’t sharing their best stuff but holding it back, don’t buy. What ever they are selling is not deep enough to do you any good.

They might be great at adding words to a solution so it appears bigger than it is. That’s fluff, you don’t need fluff, your time is more valuable than stretched out content.

If you are paying for content you don’t care if it’s 1200 pages or 120 pages or twenty five pages. What you want is just the good stuff, condensed, concise, and actionable content.

I read a lot of books and listen to a lot of podcast. What I can’t stand is when people start writing and talking in circles. They tell you about a new program that is going to save you lots of time and money. Fore example:

“This new program is available for a limited time. As an added bonus the price of the program is discounted just for you on our email list. Now, if you follow this great content you will learn impact-full ways to generate mind blowing income! These methods are proven techniques that work. We are so sure your going to love this program that we are given you a full ninety day money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose! If you are on the fence and thinking about this great opportunity and are tired of not generating great income making deals, this is a no brainier! Bla bla bla bla”

Man that smells!

Ok so what is the opposite? Be concise, no fluff, value driven, transparent. Show it, show the process in work.

  • All the information is out there online for free. Know that knowledge is free, somewhere. Heck whatever your selling you might of learned it for free but it took you a lot of time to learn it.
  • Answer every question. If you can’t do this, holding nothing back, then whatever your selling isn’t worth it.
  • Help people, don’t just have testimonials have contact info that they can contact others about your program.
  • Have a #twitterhashtag for your program or content so people can see the transparent dialog about your sellable content, online. People can tell the trolls from the true bad experiences. Let them see your feedback in public. Be as transparent as possible let it all be visible.

If you are selling content that is clear concise and easily digestible you are making something note worthy. This is the content that people will pay for!

It doesn’t stink!

You are saving people valuable time and making a valued resource. Trust your knowledge and know that it does take time to learn. Even a twenty five page book full of concise actionable content can give me weeks of work to do. By applying the information is how most of us learn anyhow.

Have you ever learned a new sport or application by just reading about it? I don’t know about you but I need to start doing the sport or playing with the application to really learn it.

So the next time someone is selling you that great information but holding back exactly what it is, think twice. It might be your buying lots of words that ultimately just stinks! Instead hold your money for that person that is sharing golden nuggets of concise content buy what is being sold more to say thanks, mucho appreciated.

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