Creating Textures for Photography

I’ve been asked how to create textures for use in effects for photography. So here goes.


See the image above that I shot with my iPhone. There are a number of great textures right there. Note I am writing this post on my phone and will not be using Photoshop.


This picture is of the red cement in front of the door. Nice textures!


This picture is of the worn door right at its base before the metal door kicker. Great textures!



These last two images are of the metal door kicker. I included the screw holes because they add to the texture.

If your thinking great but what do with textures once I shoot them?

First enhance them. The reason you shot it is to capture its texture so bring it out. Up the contrast! Digital images are flat so they need this. Next up the saturation or the tonal range. It could be very desaturated black and white even. Here let me play with one of these.


I hope that helps you to start seeing cool textures all around you.


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