Project 52, 1, New Years

Looking At Myself, I find that a new year is always filled with a bit of inner reflective thinking and looking at what am I doing and where I want to go. This was shot just as the sun rose on a new year and a new decade, January 10, 2010.


What does the new year, the new decade mean to you? Does it really mean something… anything… or is it just another day?

As the date changes from 09 to 10 I am feeling a certain power in that. Maybe it is the collective energy and hope from millions of people that give a simple date change so much power. It certainly has me looking at myself over the last decade… looking at what I set out to do what I have accomplished, what I begun but needs more work and what new projects I hope to accomplish. It has me challenging my limitations as hope fills me and I feel the collective energy of us all in that hope…

Much like any milestone of life, this date change is a time to reflect and a time to challenge ourselves for great things in the future. How can you not feel the collective hope that fills this change of the calendar? Logic says it means nothing but our hearts can feel that something bigger than a date change has happened, hope has grown with one click… one passing of a second. Happy New Years!

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