Project 52, Post 3, Rain

Project 52, post 3, Rain

Rain rain and more rain.

Project 52, Post Three, Rain

This week our weather was all over the local news. It was the first big storms of the season one after another. What this kind of weather does to me is it brings me inside. I prefer to be dry and warm and comfortable but it also brings be inside myself too. The weather makes the days less inviting and I isolate from the world.

In my isolation I easily forget that there are people out there who love me. I retreat into an inner world where it is me against the world. Where I need to solve all my problems today and there is little hope or time to do it all. Part of this is the short days taking there toll on my psyche and the other part is retreating into thought and self.

I find if I get out into the rain and breath and run and see the amazing world outside it pulls me outside of that place as I grove on the tunes in my ears and breath the cool air and move my body. I also remember that I am not alone.

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