Top 10 Instagram Photos

I’ve had an Instagram account for 5 years but until last year I’ve not posted my work. Yesterday I posted my 406th shot, so I figure I will show my top ten here. My Instagram. One of the top uses for Instagram photography is to promote smart phone photography. And there are some unwritten rules. Only phone photography […]

Perception Is Reality

Perception is reality. If you love a photograph is the fact they used HDR or heavy photoshop in creating it make it less or more artistic and of value or is it being deceitful to the viewer? If you listen to a song and love it. Are you less impressed if you are told that […]

Microstock Photography and Me

I think I would have tried microstock photography if I never worked in a traditional stock photographer house but since I have and know the old paradigm and I have been gun shy. So when I bump into a successful hardworking microstock photographer that makes a living via stock sales I find myself second guessing […]

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