Texture Photography – The Boat Image – Part Two

Textures – The Boat Image

A few weeks back I started part one on my boat shot that I added texture to. It gave it a nice painterly effect. Here is the final post. Sorry about the delay.


Here is the image of the boat on the beach in Mazatlan. Place on the bottom layer in photoshop the texture layer will go on top of this.


The way layers work in photoshop is the top later effects the layer below it but not the layer above it. After adding the texture I wanted to add a couple adjustment layer filters to the boat layer but not the texture layer. Adjustment layers are non destructive ways to adjust layers below the them. Notice I also adjusted the opacity of the brightness/Contrast adjustment layer.


Finally I added the texture. This texture was made in a previous post here. Insted of simply adding the texture as a normal layer click around the other options in the layer selection tool. For this I thought overlay looked good, with the opacity set to 100 and the fill set to 100.


Here is the image zoomed in at 100 percent.


Here is the final image, with a little touch up on the bottom layer to clone out some white rocks on the beach.

I hope this helps you to start thinking in the world of using textures in your photography. Please share your work or tips in the comments.

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